When do people hire a weight loss coach? [video]

Everyone’s story is unique. Everyone has a different story to tell when they arrive at the point when:“This (excess fat)  has to go. I’m the real me when I’m thinner. I am ready to prove I can accomplish that.”

I have been thinking about every person that coached so far with me… at what point did they decide to reach out to me? Where were they mentally and physically?

  1. How much did they want to lose? 20-60 pounds. Though the majority of my clients have around 25 pounds to lose. Do you think it should be easy to do on your own?  Actually, it’s the last 10 pounds that is often the hardest.
  2. What have they done so far to lose weight?  Interesting: about 80%  were on the popular programs: J.Craig, or WW. The programs worked for them until they reached a plateau.

    When you reach a plateau you need to change a strategy. Because what got you “here” won’t get you “there” At that time we often need to start working with our emotions. 

  3. They love to eat and they notice it works against them.  They are passionate about food. It’s a celebration. In coaching, we are creating a strategy so they still celebrate but it’s not causing them to put extra pounds.
  4. They have inner conflicts or a strong Rebel Archetype. You know the pain: you want this but you also want something that prevents you from having it. You want to eat the cake and lose weight too. The Inner Rebel has a strong voice. In this case I use a hypnosis technique: Inner conflict resolution (also useful in other conflicts) in addition to other tools.
  5. They want someone to simplify for them what and how to eat. There is so much information out there about what to eat and what is healthy. The information is often confusing because you hear different things from different sources. So instead of spending weeks reading some clients prefer to come to someone who will do it for them. Of course, I always advise educating yourself personally on wellness.
  6. They suspect the problem is deeper: it’s not about calories in / calories out. They are beginning to learn how to process emotions and how to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings – which they often only knew how to resist…

What is your unique challenge when it comes to weight loss? Are you procrastinating to even start?

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