Procrastinator’s drama and the secret to getting it done [video]

Do you often find your self in the kitchen, foraging, especially when you have something important to do?  I do. These days I know exactly what I’m doing, so I open the fridge, ask myself why am I here, and, since there is no good answer –  I go back to my desk.

But yesterday again – the things on my schedule… i didn’t feel like doing them.

The thing is… I love the feeling of “HAVING DONE IT”

  • Can I have this feeling  when I work only when I feel like doing the work?

Maybe. But it could take forever. And I have already tried it that way.

  • Can I only do the work when I have inspiration? 

Maybe. But sometimes inspiration comes only for few minutes… and there is soooo much to be done!

So maybe the secret to getting things done is to do it whether I feel like it or not…

Wait. This concept still sometimes feels foreign…

We creatives love to feel inspired!

We love to work in the state of flow! And timelessness.

But I also noticed that adults get things done. Time to fully be on board with that 🙂 I tell myself I’m going to do something and I DO IT! Keeping the promise I made to myself. I focus. Even though so many of the things I need to do to feel happy are not exactly my cup of tea.

But I noticed something interesting… when I start doing the things I don’t like.. after a while I like them. So bizarre! and you know what’s next… the feeling of “having it done!” The best!