Want to Be More Motivated? [External vs Internal Motivation]

Would you love to have this inner drive and motivation that seems so natural for certain people? 

Sometimes people tell me, I want to feel more motivated,  I need someone to kick my ass!

Why do we love for others to motivate us?

Think about the last time it happened to you. Maybe you listened to a motivational speaker, Tony, Mel , Gary, Joe or you coach – and you started feeling the drive to change your life, create, or give you all to this one dream…  you started feeling motivated….

This is what likely happened:

  • They spoke a language of passion that awakened certain feelings within you, positive elevated emotions you have forgotten about. 
  • They touched a place within you that you forgot you have, the fire, the feeling that energizes and drives you. 
  • They have reminded you what is most important for you, the thing that makes you feel like you live a life worth living. 
  • They woke up your old dream that you thought was not reasonable. 
  • They demonstrated fiercely they believe in you and your ability to achieve your goals. 
  • They showed you what is possible for you by being an example of what’s possible for them. 

All of that… you can do yourself

Maybe it was an event you participated in or maybe it was a video you watched during a sleepless night. In that moment you felt really ready. And inspired. 

And then a few days or weeks went by and the motivation somehow faded away. 

Don’t feel disappointed with yourself . That is to be expected. When the motivation or inspiration comes from the outside-  it is not sustainable. 

So what? Take your power back…

The person who motivated you,  made you think thoughts that lead you to feel motivated. 

But after a while you drifted back into your default mindset, your default thoughts,  that always keep you unmotivated. 

It happened, because you didn’t practice the new thoughts consistently. In a way they were not yours… 

But practice does not mean thinking positively all of the time.  It’s more than that. 

Create Awareness

It is about becoming aware of what are your negative thoughts, that keep you feeling unmotivated,  and realizing what feelings, actions and results those thoughts ultimately create in your life. 

And when you see that connection, you can start creating deliberately, that means thinking thoughts on purpose. Thoughts that keep you motivated, inspired, determined, courageous, amazing, feelings that drive you to actions that create the desired results.  

Motivation is a feeling. 

Feelings are generated from within by your thoughts and meaning you assign to whatever comes your way. You have the power to feel inspired and motivated by choosing the right thoughts. And that’s good news.