Stages of emotional eating. In which one are You? [video]

In this video I will describe to you stages of Emotional eating [EE] 

So even though I’m not giving you “the HOW” here, I will mention the ONE essential thing that has to happen for you to free yourself from emotional eating. 

Are you an emotional eater one day and free of EE the next day? 

I wish it was that simple, but no, it often takes long months. 

So as you are going through the stages it’s good to know where you are. So you know you are making progress. 

It’s just based on my observation…

There is one common ingredient… what is that? 

Stage zero – Zero Awareness

… that you are eating to calm your emotions. You eat without knowing why and you choose specific foods without questioning why.  You only have an awareness of this stage  – when you look back at yourself from the perspective of time.  

And maybe the first step to get out of this stage is when one day you are chewing the last bite, and you ask yourself.. Why did you eat the whole thing? 

Stage one – No Secret 

You make it clear to yourself and everyone around: You eat or drink  to feel better. I feel bad – I need a cake. It was a hard day I need a drink 

And because this is not the food that you really need – it continues. Because you can never have enough of what you really don’t want. You overdo it. You eat too much and you still feel bad. 

Stage 2 –  Willpower failure

…you still don’t do this one thing that would really help.  When the negative emotions show up, you try to use willpower.  You control the portion, you allow yourself to eat only a small amount. You divide a piece of cake in 50 pieces. 

But you still can’t deny it to yourself.  You still need the food to calm yourself. 

Stage 3 – emotional 

you’re tired of fighting the urges. 

You discovered the secret: that if emotional eating is about numbing emotions, numbing the feelings that want to come to the surface but you are pushing them down with food… then maybe… freedom from emotional eating is to feel the emotions… 

You are finally doing the unthinkable! You allow yourself to feel the emotions. 

That’s the thing that will set you free. 


The one thing in common in all the stages? 

AWARENESS. These are the stages in awareness. 

In weight loss Awareness is doing a lot of heavy lifting for you.  Awareness itself can already create changes. 

What is coaching and hypnosis for weight loss all about? Definitely not just about watching what you eat. So many layers within are waiting for you to discover  in addition to freedom and feeling all the feelings your life gifts you daily.