“Mind-Body Food Journal” Available now on Amazon

Who doesn’t love journals? I usually have more than I need. But for a long time, I just used a plain one for food journaling and tracking my eating.  Finally I made it easier on myself and made my own. It’s out there on Amazon if you want to use it too.

If you tracked your food before, you might have noticed that it helps to eat fewer calories, choose better food, and be more diligent about implementing better habits.

Tracking and planning food is an essential part of weight loss coaching. This is how we learn about our emotional triggers, this is how we find where the excess calories come from. Without tracking and being aware of what we eat, it’s easy to conveniently forget what we grabbed on the go and how much we ate mindlessly.

This Mind-Body Journal offers focus ideas every week to approach eating mindfully and to do it from a place of self-care. Don’t overlook the 33 questions in the back, they are there to create more clarity.

In the video, I am showing the journal inside.


The 2nd version that I will release in January will have:

  • smaller font, smaller icons,
  • additional icons for protein,
  • more space to pour feelings and thoughts on paper,
  • a list of different food options to spark your imagination.

So get this one now, use it for eight weeks and get the new one to start in January.

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