How to build new habits FAST with clarity and energy

I want to share few questions to ask yourself, that will bring you complete CLARITY and ENERGY to build a positive habit.

Why would you ask yourself a question?

Because the quality of question we ask ourselves determines the quality of the answer.

I will use the boring example of exercising… forgive me! But it’s so painful to start/restart this habit, a lot of people can relate.

Wake up and do the work

Imagine you just woke up and you recall you “should” exercise. But you don’t feel like it.

Here come the questions. Pick one question that resonates.

  • How will I look 20 years from now if I don’t exercise?
  • How will I feel 3 months from now if I don’t start exercise?
  • How will I feel about myself by the end of the day today if I don’t exercise?
  • What can I do to make this process more exciting for me?
  • How can I challenge myself?
  • How will I look 1 year from now if I exercise? And how do I feel about it.

Now: use your IMAGINATION to really answer the questions to yourself.

You know that even short exercise will boost your confidence, mental strength and performance t/o the day. It will have countless physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. It’s not only about looking good but also about health, and mental abilities and how you do other things. And if you don’t know that you will find out in the first few weeks. 


Whether you are motivated by pain (push) or pleasure (pull) – these questions will get you to exercise. Or, on the contrary – you may see that you don’t really care – at least you will have a clarity and you will be honest with yourself.

Different types of pain.

The pain of realizing you wasted years not taking care of yourself…

The pain of denying yourself so many things,  that would be possible for you, if you only had more confidence.

The pain of standing in front of your closet wondering what will cover you up.

And then there is a different type of pain: pain of exercise, sweat, lifting the weights, pushing the body, pain of the sore muscles and pain of getting up earlier, pain of saying no to flour and sugar.

Which pain would you rather have? (and remember nothing is forever, if you enjoy eating, it doesn’t mean you have to give it up forever. But maybe you will want to when you see the results)

I’m not saying that the way we look is most important, but speaking from my own experience I know the difference between accepting myself as I am and confidence of feeling great in my skin. It’s a difference between hard work and ease. It this case I’d rather do the hard work of exercising, than the hard work of accepting my flaws.

If this article didn’t help, try this: make discipline irrelevant. 

I also like another short term, but regular approach to sticking to the good habits, which help to make our goals a reality. Create your own short distance challenges  Read it here. 

Why am I talking about weigh loss, exercise and the habits? Even though I don’t make it a center of my work, people come to me to change their habits through coaching and hypnosis, to feel motivated from the inside, to make it easier to eat better, remove subconscious obstacles to weigh loss and healthy living.

I see it as a spiritual issue: we are looking for fulfillment in food (obviously, food is fulfilling) but it doesn’t fill the emptiness we feel. So as we build better habits around eating, exercise, we are more equipped to discover what would really fulfill us.