[video] Conversation with Anne Vetter | Meditation. Adventure. Sacred Land.

If there was a way to connect deeper with your Soul – meditation would be the doorway. Meditation would be the way of dropping all the layers that separate us from knowing ourselves deeper.

In this conversation, Anne, the meditation teacher for the Chopra center and a co-founder of Dharma Tours  talks about different meditation techniques, taking the practice to a deeper level, her favorite places in India and Bhutan and what to do when you are scared to go deep within.

3:25  How Anne discovered the meditation style that works for her

5:05 What is the “doorways to your Soul”?

6:30  What do you feel when you hear the word “Soul” ?

7:35 What is the difference between life with and without meditation

12:15 The observer effect / detachment

13:35 Sitting in stillness

14:30  How to take your meditation practice to a deeper level

17:35  The Earth Chakras

19:00 Anne is talking about the special regions in India and Bhutan and the lineage of Buddhism practiced there

23:00 Safety when traveling with Dharma Tours

24:30  going deeper into the shadows with no fear

31:00 other ways to create inner peace

33:10 horizontal and vertical plane we can work on

33:49  forgiveness

39:33  What is Primordial Sound meditation  and where does it come from

You can connect with Anne here https://doorwaystoyoursoul.com/