The Best Advice [for productivity and confidence]

Few years ago one of the best advices on work, I was ever offered, was

Do it whether you feel like it or not.


Do it whether I feel like it or not?  (regarding the work where I am self employed) Should’t I feel like it? Shouldn’t all be easy and just flow?

Naturally, to get some things in life, like everyone else,  I did stuff,  whether I felt like it or not. After all: when you started college, you better graduate. After all: to make a living, you do parts of the job that you don’t enjoy that much. You want to be a responsible adult so lots of things got done.

But certain things were always left undone. Not looked at.  Especially the creative ones.

As I took the advice and pushed through, decided, scheduled, committed,  assigned time windows to it, and deadlines even if only with myself – I saw what’s on the other side.

Doing the work “Whether you feel like it or not” brings amazing rewards, my friends.  The reward is a surprise. I was reminded that the discipline is magic. Discipline allows freedom and flexibility

Scheduling work and doing it whether I …  allows for spontaneity. Later.

“Effort is luxury.” wrote years ago Ortega y Gasset

All things worthwhile require effort. How often we forget about this? No need for rewards because we have done the work. The work itself is the reward. Waiting for a moment when you feel like it – to do the creative work (or even to clean your home) – you are setting yourself for lots of disappointment… with yourself.

All it takes is 7 days of doing the things you promised yourself you will do, whether you feel like it or not. Forget 21 days. After 7, or less, you will be hooked.