Why you never finish a project? (or a diet)


Do you have a habit of starting and not finishing?  

A creative project? Or a weight loss plan?

If yes, read on below (exact transcript from the video) because this blog may give you a hint of how to break the cycle of always starting and never finishing. 

In you creative process, whenever you are creating something out of nothing: a business, a website, a book, piece of art, an e-course… In the beginning you feel energy, hope, excitement, passion. But no matter how great the project is – inevitably there is a moment of doubt, discomfort. 

So, naturally: you want to take a break.

In that moment we look for something that FEELS BETTER. Something that will relieve that creative anxiety: You Tube, eating, organizing, cleaning. 

(And if we really strive to be creative and productive, we will recall another exciting idea and jump into it, because it feels better, lighter, easier. Until there is an obstacle… )

What seems like taking a break can easily become procrastination.

And when it continues long enough, and the perspective of going back to it doesn’t FEEL any better –  you abandon your project without even clearly acknowledging it to yourself. (betraying the idea)

Let’s see what happened in that example:

  • The brain always wants to avoid pain, seek pleasure, preserve energy. That is how we are built. 
  • But to create anything means to encounter  obstacles.  That means the brain will always want to quit. 
  • To finish creating we have to overcome this natural tendency that comes into play.
  • We need to grow through this discomfort and move on with our project. 
  • If we do not catch ourselves in the moment there is no growth, no creativity, no awareness.  Same happens in weight loss.

From the idea to manifestation, there will be a lot of ups and down,

EXPECT there will be some obstacles. 

Just. Expect them. 

Maybe some projects will be easier than others, but we are talking about breaking the cycle of not finishing so we need to look at every project. 

The process of creating something physical, is a process of condensing energy.

It’s easy to have an idea, a vision of a sculpture in your mind. 

But it’s harder to work on it in a piece of hard wood or stone.

If we are in it just for the highs, and  pleasure we will never experience the ultimate satisfaction of getting something done. 

What may be coming to your mind is self- discipline.

Aside from self discipline being sexy it ‘s also a tool of self growth. 

What may be also  popping to your mind is perfectionism –  is this what’s stopping you? 

I made another video about it here (how it can stop us in every stage of the creative process

If you have the history of giving up – and … you want to change it – Schedule you consult and sign up for a Project Manifestation coaching.  8 weeks 1:1 from an idea to done. 

Of course you don’t have to do anything. We can stay where we are. 

Isn’t this wonderful to know!? What a relief!!! 

 But do we want to stay where we are?

After all,  for artists one of the biggest fears is not the fear of hard work but the fear of not acting on one’s potential.