How I got over my sugar addiction w/o any special tools [video]

[personal story]

In 2018 I got over  my sugar addiction on my own. It took a long time. At that time I didn’t have any special tools. Fast forward to March 2020 (covid panxiety) baked a cake and got on the downward spiral of emotional / addicted eating. (ok it wasn’t a spiral – it was controlled but I still gained 9 pounds anyway – I can’t believe how easy it was! )  And again- I freed myself from it – this time in about 2 months.

Now, I’m writing this is July 2020, I have many more tools (weight loss coaching training) but I wanted to share how anyone can do it using just few tools – mainly the Mind.

(once you watch this, check out this video where I share the structured mental model how to think about sugar)