Can’t break up with sugar? Important: change your THOUGHTS

(Video) Eliminating flour and sugar is hard in itself but we are making it even harder.

When you start the weight loss process you will likely hear that you need to eliminate sugar and flour. Or, at least drastically reduce it.

And you may have a strong opinion about it, you may have an emotional reaction to it. Am I right?? And yet, if we want the RESULTS,  F+S has to go.

I guess everyone would agree it’s not easy. First: the body goes thru the withdrawal and because of the addictive nature of  both substances – we also struggle emotionally. You may totally feel deprived. 

But we often make it harder for ourselves… harder than it has to be.  So I want to show you two ways of thinking about it.  Guess where your power lies in the process?


*** in the video I am using The MODEL by Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School


In the previous video I shared how I got rid of cravings and eating sweets without any special tools.