What happens with your inner power in face of negativity

Negative emotions are moments of choice. 

These are  experiences that can help us empower ourselves.

How? Through the inner growth that happens, when we choose the right response.

What are we choosing?

Darkness or light?

Lower or higher vibration?

We are choosing to give our power away to the event, spiraling down, to feeling like a victim

OR we are deciding it won’t have any power over us.

I know I am choosing right when

  • I bring light to the situation, not at my cost but to empower me, and the other.
  • When I forgive myself,
  • When I don’t take things personally.
  • When I choose energy instead of energy drain.

If  you feel you are negative it’s not really who you are.  You simply allowed your mind to drift, to indulge in negative emotions. They are easy. They are just mental habits.  Who you really are is the person who can use her mind deliberately, creatively, choosing the right thoughts.

Growth doesn’t have to be painful if you are centered.

Sometimes when you feel negative you feel guilty, stressed out, confused.

Maybe there are situations with other people when they think you did something you did not do. Yet they will bully you to admit you had bad intentions. Being in center means: if you didn’t do anything wrong don’t defend yourself.  If you did – admit it. remedy it.  And do not make it mean anything about your worth. 

While I’m writing this,  I’m feeling extremely well.  A negative thought may still easily sneak into my mind. I catch it at the gate. Neutralize it before it verbalizes itself. Daily practice.