How do people get stuck in negative emotions?

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Can you get stuck in negative emotions?

Yes and no. It depends.

Emotion is energy in motion. It wants to flow.

How could it get stuck, then? We make it stop. We stop its flow. How?

We all know people who seem to be stuck in the same emotion. They always seem worried, angry, frantic, on edge, or resigned. It seems that the emotions imprinted themselves on their face. 

Are they stuck? 

If they are it’s not by some external force. They keep themselves stuck. 

(Now, they may have an excellent reason for it. Traumatic events often imprint themselves on our bodies. This area belongs to therapy, and I’m writing a coaching blog)

How do you get stuck, and how do you get unstuck?

Take two people who had very similar experiences: one person will keep talking about it (for weeks, months or years!) each time experiencing the grudge, anger, or resentment. She will practice that negative feeling. It will become a habit. This is how this person will get herself stuck.

The second person will feel hurt too, but if her intention is to heal emotionally she will do the inner work, allow the feelings, she will know that her emotions affect her frequency and she will do her best to raise her vibration and move on. Perhaps she will do some emotional processing to diffuse the energetic load instead of adding to it. This is not the easiest work but it’s also not easy to be stuck.

Maybe you are pondering this question because…

  • you sense there is a difficult feeling that you need to acknowledge, but you are afraid you will get stuck there, or you will even fall apart, and “you have no time for it.”
  • you consider yourself to be a “good person” and you don’t allow yourself to feel the “ugly” emotions, like anger, resentment, jealousy.
  • you hope the feeling will just go away with time.

In the first case you may be unaware of the nature of emotions: they flow.  If you remove the thoughts/ the narrative, they will naturally move through you. And you can choose when you will access those emotions. It definitely helps to create a sacred space for this purpose.

In the second case you don’t allow yourself you to acknowledge your human nature. You can be a good person and feel angry. Good people also feel “bad” emotions. I had clients who created additional layer of pain on top of their hurt and anger because they judged themselves for feeling them.

It’s true sometimes the negative feelings fade away with time. However,

It is not time that heals on its own, it’s what we do during the time that matters.

Do you feel better with the passing time? Is your emotion fading away or intensifying?


If you need help processing, or creating the sacred space for anger, grief, or other feelings demanding attention, this can be done in my coaching/ hypnosis/ energy healing container I can create for you unique needs.

If it seems that we are stuck, we need to remember that it is not because we don’t feel the feeling all the way through. It is because we don’t.