From Scattered Mind To Laser Focus.

The omnipresent problem with distraction and procrastination, calls us to work directly and deliberately on creating more focus in life.

This is a skill. Focus is neither a gift from gods who forgot about you, or a button you lost on a Sunday walk, never to be found.

release focus
When last week I got off the phone with a new client, I was speechless. I was just talking to “me” several months ago.  She inspired me to look closer into the subject of our scattered minds.

Focus is one of the reasons we  procrastinate.  If we could only focus better, we would procrastinate less.

a. We postpone stuff that is boring, too easy, too hard… We also delay actions on projects most important to us.  We feel conveniently scattered around:

  • the work that would take us to a higher position
  • the most impactful, creative work 
  • the work that would give us financial freedom
  • the work that would bring us most clarity about who we are.
  • the actions that would make us truly free and fulfilled.

b. Several months ago I was also all over the place.  Now I have a near laser focus… no, not everywhere, just at work. So I need to tell you: if you suffer from having your mind all over the place – which is frustrating as hell – there is hope.  It can be fixed!

release 2
How did I develop better focus?

Was it meditation?
Was I off meds? No, never taken any. So what helped?

  1. I felt a POWERFUL EMOTION. I got pissed off. (or maybe… powerfully inspired?)  [ by looking at the physical and electronic piles of files with ideas and projects and how little actually gets done ] Anger is a creative force and so is taking ownership.
  2. I’ve set a powerful intention. [ to create, to take action ]
  3. I started to create – unapologetically – blocks of time when I could not be disturbed.  [Airplane mode is my friend. Invites to events that have nothing to do with my current goals – can be turned off too.] A significant reduction of sugar in diet likely helped as well.

Your focus may start differently but will have similar ingredients.

Focus is a mental Habit.  We get better in focus by focusing.  Like every habit,  it’s hard in the beginning and becomes easier with practice.

If you are most of the time distracted, if your mind always reminds you of something you “should” be doing, if you are giving up because your mind is all over the place – don’t. Giving up is never an option for the superhuman that you are. Yes, it is hard and so what?

Not all, but most worthwhile, rewarding things take work and effort.