Normal vs. Natural [weight loss thinking]


When we treat our weight loss process as something temporary, like a diet, we look forward to return to “normal eating”,  once we reach the desired weight.

When we look at our weight loss process as a return to wellness, we learn what’s natural for the body, we learn a new, natural way of eating and relating with the body.

  • One is fast and temporary. You cannot wait to end it. You suffer thru it. It’s all about behavior change.
  • The other may take longer It’s steady. Long lasting.  You are changing your fat identity, your mind.  It involves emotional work and brain management. You are becoming a new person.  You are learning a way to thrive.

I noticed that we need to think, individually,  about: what it means to us to eat “normally”. And to question if that “normal” eating is natural. 

The reason we are fat is that the way we eat is not natural.

The reason we take so long to lose weight is that we insist that it’s normal. Despite the evidence, we keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping that “moderation” will make a difference.

We normalized unnatural. 

A return to wellness, and to natural weight requires, that we eat in a natural way. 

To learn what it means, is everyone’s personal responsibility. The resources are all around us. Free.