It’s not about your lack of willpower

It’s not about willpower.

It really isn’t…
  • It’s about your awareness of what you do or don’t do. 
  • It’s about your ability to change the state of mind. 
  • About knowing what, when, and why to eat.
  • Knowing how to plan. 

It’s really hard:

  • to use willpower when you don’t know what to eat.
  • when you don’t have a perspective, awareness; don’t reflect on yourself.
  • it’s hard to rely on willpower when you don’t realize what drives you to eat the wrong stuff.
  • it’s hard when you don’t take the time to plan.

It’s easier:

  • with knowledge
  • it’s easier when you get in touch with yourself: what you think or feel
  • it’s easier when you know how your brain works, how the foods works
Using just willpower leads to failure, which offers no lessons. No self-awareness. Instead, we come to negative conclusions about ourselves, our inability to accomplish something.  We even make physical symptoms mean something about our character. 

Only because we don’t have the right tool for the job. 

What can you do instead?
Take time to plan. Expand self awareness. Learn what drives you. Study how to eat.
To put things in perspective, I wrote more on willpower in this blog

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