Are you getting better and better at your bad habit? [video]

If you are working on quitting or cutting back on any bad habit; wine, sugar, overspending- this is for you.  If you already decided these habits are bad for your health, weight, or your wallet – this is for you.

(The cupcake is a symbol of any bad habit, I like to draw it, it is cute.) 

I am taking you through a moment in life of this bad habit.  When you go successfully  through this moment you are literally practicing getting better and better at the opposite: your healthy habit.  At the same time you don’t need to be afraid to fail, because it is a practice. 

There are people that can simply quit and never look back. For other people It’s more difficult and It’s not even about willpower, it’s  a matter of practice and knowing what to make the little failures mean. 

So let’s see first, what happens in the deciding moment? 

You go through a day and suddenly, you feel the urge, the urge to eat sugar. And the desire is growing. And then you just go for it. You get up, go to the pantry, to the machine, to the bakery next door, or maybe you don’t need to go anywhere. You have chocolate, cookies, or candy… or the bottle…  in  your desk. 

We often don’t even realize that in this moment we have a chance to make a decision. 

(I’m stretching this moment in time indefinitely, even though it takes just a second, But I want you to be aware of your freedom and your choice in the moment.) 

What if you are choosing to not drink this time, it’s hard, right? But let me tell you this, it’s only as hard as you believe it is. Because what if it’s not as hard, what if this is quite possible for you, you simply need to apply certain skills, patience, courage, curiosity and kindness. 

Between the urge to eat it and actually eating it – there is a space. What are you telling yourself in this space, in this moment – matters. And you are either telling yourself lies or the truth. 

When you automatically eat the sugar – you are getting better and better at the bad habit.  You are making the habit stronger in your brain. 

To eventually break the habit,  you need to think, feel, do something different in the moment.

(see my other video on this – ask better questions) 

The skills

  1. You need to have a little bit of patience because if you want to be great at not drinking or not eating sweets, this is a practice. A practice of saying no to it. Many times. I don’t know, maybe a couple dozens of times. Even if sometimes you will still say yes to it.  It’s okay. 

Nothing went wrong. 

Don’t make it mean it is not working. 

If sometimes you fall off the wagon it doesn’t mean anything bad about you. Don’t beat yourself up If you happen to eat more, then you want to. 

Love yourself through this experience. 

2. You need to have courage because sometimes those withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant. It is ok. When you feel it, it means it was an addiction, it doesn’t mean you should go back to sugar or alcohol. 

It will go away. 

When you  go through it, you will soon realize that It takes only several seconds. Few short minutes to go to this urge in your body. 

3. You need to be curious:

Short term:

  • How will it be to not eat it in this moment? (Horrible!)
  • How long will this “horrible feeling” last? Do you even know?  You may think: eternity. But the reality is, more like 15 seconds or 3 minutes.

Long term:

  • How it will look like… how will I feel when I am over this addiction?
  • How will I feel when I am no longer feeling dependent on wine, chocolate, overspending?

You may think that your life will be completely the same, except you will not be over drinking, over eating cupcakes, but the truth is you will transform also on the inside. Something is going to shift and you will take this empowering experience and use it to your advantage in other areas of life. 

If you are afraid to try… 

You may keep the addictions in your life because they help you cope with life. A part of being free is to know what to do with the emotions without drinking/ eating over them. 

“A solution to a stressful or boring job is a drink.  A solution to loneliness is a cake.” We wouldn’t say it out loud but this is how we do it.  There is nothing wrong with a drink if you know how to take care of yourself emotionally. (but this is another subject to cover when breaking free from these soft addictions) 

You think it will be miserable. But that urge that makes you miserable? It will be less and less intense, and it will happen less and less frequently. This is a promise. 

Do you want me to help you personally  with overeating, overspending, or overdrinking?

Let’s talk (click here to schedule a free call) This is so much more because you are also getting healed internally and you have been balanced emotionally. You are simply Getting your power back. 

I will be happy to hear from you if this kind of videos are helping you make progress in your habits.  Thank you for watching.