Ask yourself these 3 questions and lose 3 pounds just this month. [video]

Everyone has the moments that trigger emotional eating.

As you bring more awareness into the weight loss work, you will be able to catch the moments when you are about to eat off the plan (off protocol).

It it tempting to follow the desire right when it arises… you may even want to defend it passionately. But you know as well as I know: the next day, or right after you ate the thing, you regret it. You ask yourself “Why the heck did I eat it? Why can’t I follow my plan?” and you come to a conclusion “I will never lose weight” – which is not even true about you. You only need good questions and awareness to begin with.

You can follow the plan. You can get to your ideal weight. You can feel proud of doing hard things. Here is the beginning:

  1. Why? 
  2. What if?
  3. How will I feel about it tomorrow? 

What are the questions about:

Why? Why do I want to eat it? Am I hungry or do I just want to eat over emotional discomfort, boredom or anxiety? 

What if? What if I don’t eat it? What will I need to deal with instead? After all I am trying to eat emotionally because I want to push some emotions away.

How will I feel about it tomorrow? No matter how much you rebel now to eat what is bad for you, when you think about the future a day from now, you will recall the moments after emotional eating- regret of doing so. Your future self – a day from now has a better plan for you…

So what do you do with the emotions that you tries to eat over?

You allow them, process them, and feel them. Emotions are to be felt, not to be eaten. When you process emotions they fade away and are no longer in the way. 

I’m always here to help you with your weight loss goals.