[Podcast] Eight Recent Episodes

I started the podcast to talk more about the concepts that help us grow in the areas of weight, emotional eating and creativity. I also wanted to challenge myself to share more stories. Because, by default I am a “bullet point” person.

Frankly it was going slower than I planned. A big unexpected commitment got in a way  as soon as I stared – and my mind threw in additional obstacles. Did I coach myself thru it? Oh, yes. And I saw my limits. I’m right there in the trenches, helping creatives do the work and I am doing the work on myself,  to create this. I am facing the same obstacles and it’s usually most helpful.

Nevertheless, the podcast continues.  I made the decision, I made the commitment. And as much as I may sound like a beginner, I accept that inevitable part.

The Positively Rebellious podcast is available on Libsyn, Apple, Podcast Addict, Amazon, and I’m sharing it on my YouTube Channel. 

Are there any specific topics you would like me to cover, something related to emotional eating, procrastination, creativity, weight loss?

Do yo have a question you want me to answer in an episode? If yes, comment here or send me a private message. 

I’m looking forward to connecting with you in the podcast and beyond!