[Podcast 6] You make art and your art creates who you are


  • Why are you not acting on your creative ideas?
  • As creatives, why do we delay creating, why are we not happy with how little we do?
  • How creativity and our story about it affects our self esteem.
  • What happens when we make a decision to follow our ideas and inspiration.
  • And the undercurrent of personal growth that happens as we work on our art.

You may remember a time when you were so busy with work or family obligations. You were dreaming about having time for yourself, when you’d finally focus on writing, making art, studying. And maybe the time has already arrived for you, you are in a comfortable place in life when you don’t need to chase anything, you could focus on yourself now, but you got caught up in other people’s ideas of what to do with your time.

Your schedule is full but it doesn’t fulfill you.

There is still a craving you don’t tell anyone about but it comes up.  Do you remember the moment when your schedule got freed up after a long exhausting period of being super busy?   Think about the intensity of that emotion. You were excited about the time you have. Still, maybe you were not so intentional in creating a new plan that would include making art. It happens.  When we are swamped and suddenly we have more time, we don’t know what to do with it, we start looking for anything to do.

Where will the fulfillment come from? It will not come from the pleasures of consuming. If you are looking for a deep experience you need to go within and start creating something. There are only so many books you can read, then comes a moment when you need to write something, if writing was your dream. There are only so many paintings you can see, at some point you need to start painting, if painting was your dream.

An archetype of an artist is written into your soul. If you don’t express it you suffer.

This is where the fulfillment will come from

By nature we are co creators. We need the balance of giving and receiving, doing and being. If you don’t follow the creative voice for a longer time, and your ideas come to mind, you may feel a range of emotions, from a subtle sense of resignation to panic. Because time passes by.

So what exactly are you waiting for? More time? More assurance? More skills? Guidance, permission? Who decides that you are ready? For many people it is often about the time. We feel guilty about spending time in solitude, which is needed to go to the magic land for the ideas to unfold, so we participate in the social life and we don’t set boundaries we don’t create new rules, new schedules.  Nobody is preventing us from it, only we are, but the longer you wait the more you will resent people that actually are not stopping you from it, you don’t know exactly how to express the need. To not offend anyone, as if that is a given. Something else is also waiting underneath the call from your creative self. And that inner need to grow and evolve.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU COMMIT If you start imagining what to create  the vision may be exciting , and once you commit you will notice . Expect an emotional rollercoaster before you settle into the new rituals. That means tomorrow morning you need to get up and do something towards it and make a step forward. Often we dream of the big picture, big dreams realized but it does not happen without the daily work in the small picture.

It is not obvious that you will follow the creative voice. You may regret not using your talents and at the same time not be willing to do the daily work.

Be honest with yourself. Do you blame  others for lack of time or are you being clear that you choose to not create time?  Do you feel the difference? One pictures you as a victim, The other invites you to take responsibility. You can absolutely work on feeling satisfied w/o doing anything beyond what you do now. You can just exist. This can be your work. But my guess it you will be uncomfortable because the voice is calling you to create something. Here is the thing, the work is waiting for you no matter what you choose. You can choose making art… discomfort of creating and facing the hard parts. you can choose not to create and face the discomfort of regrets, and then you will do the mental work on overcoming the regrets.

The difference: The discomfort that you will feel on the creative path will be serving your evolution. in contrast to the discomfort of giving up on your potential .

How to address the panic that time is running out and you haven’t done what you wanted to do? We tend to look at our life in this short period of time and have an opinion about it. If that opinion is negative, if you think…….. lift above the timeline of your life and look further into the past and acknowledge you were incredibly creative before, and think about the future; how much time you still have to make something meaningful. How are you defining yourself? Can you give yourself credit for what you have done already?

The art is a tool of personal growth. So when you are called to do some art the art will have uncomfortable moments, because your art is a tool for your personal growth. You are not only working on the paragraph, you are not only working on the section of the canvas, you are facing your doubts, and you get lost and you find yourself. You are working on the art, and the art is working on you, by asking more of you. And when you put more into it – this is how you get more out of life. What are the next logical steps to take?

We tend to seek comfort, but once we are comfortable how do we make sure we feel alive?

How comfortable are you? and How alive do you feel?  In order to feel more alive what would you need to do? If you have the artist Archetype know that this work serves your Soul.

I want to end with the quote from Osho “ You have a song in your heart to be sung, and you have a dance to be danced, but the dance is invisible, and the song – you have not heard it yet. It is deep down hidden in the innermost core of your being; it has to be brought to surface, it has to be brought to surface, it has to be expressed. This is what is meant by “self-actualization”