Are you afraid of ending emotional eating?


Tune in to your heart and check with yourself…

Are you scared of ending emotional eating?

(stress eating,  boredom eating, just.. overeating ?)  Are you afraid your favorite food will be taken away from you, and you will die, being left alone with your painful emotions?

I agree,  that would be absolutely the worst idea. That would be the hard way of doing it. 

I assure you – there is a better way.

The key is to give yourself the time and space. What if nobody is taking away anything from you…What if when you learn how to take care of yourself emotionally, nutritionally… you learn to trust yourself, you will naturally stop overusing food to feel better. And it is ok to be bad at it for some time.  Ending emotional eating as well as weight loss is a unique and personal journey.  You set the pace.  You will know the shift from being alienated from your own body and needs, to having your own back.

There are ways to take care of everything, holistically: body, mind, and heart.

I am writing this because even though there are many weight programs, not everyone who needs support, knows what is available to them. These are ways I use with my clients, but you can find them offered separately or together by others.
  • For example: I use my nutritional knowledge to help you with emotions , to make the transition easier. We talk about food and the next thing you know – there are feelings. Big feelings.
  • So we process the feelings in a safe container: you start understanding why they were so overpowering and what made them worse.
  • We talk about positive changes and limiting beliefs come up.
  • We use clinical hypnotherapy  (relaxing experience) to help you access your subconscious mind. This is where the habits, lies and limiting beliefs live – and where they can be changed.  There are at least 20 hypnosis topics for weight loss , but the session are always uniquely structured for you, based on what you are dealing with today.
  • Your  spiritual side it equally important. How are you growing or stopping yourself from a transformation that would be natural at this time?
  • The coaching conversation is equally revealing. because it is causal coaching. We go to the source. The revelations from your own mind keep coming up!
  • There is  a space for putting down your emotional baggage. Space to let it go or transform. (Maybe you need therapy, or maybe  you need a space to hear yourself and someone to listen and guide you back to you.)

There are many weight coaches. Some, like me, will combine many methods to help you make the changes faster. You also need to know some coaches will focus on behavior change only, without addressing the underlying emotions and beliefs. This is the hard way.

Hypnotherapy + Life Coaching + Holistic nutrition + Energy Balancing
(this program does not include physical training)
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