Feelings: guideposts to our Decisions.

decisions and feelings
I thought that the bigger the decision, and the bigger the change that’d follow – the bigger the range of emotions we’d  experience in the process.
Now I believe that when everything is aligned, we simply experience inner peace, calm, joy, excitement and naturalness of this decision. Even if it’s big.
… because it feels like this change is the next, natural step.
When we are all over the emotional spectrum, in lows and highs, if we get exhausted thinking about it,  it’s because the decision is not really aligned with our life. Even if it seems we truly we want it.
It’s forced.
There are inner conflicts.
There is no clarity.
Not enough data.
There are too many compromises.
Who knows what else.

But what if, it is ok to change nothing for now?

🌿 Decide against this decision, for now.
🌿 Decide to change nothing in life, for now.
🌿 Decide to revisit it again on a specific day in the future.
I can see, some people may say this strategy provides relief, like when we quit commitment.  Not an admirable thing to do. Maybe you value taking bigger risks and you “just do it”  with or without the alignment.
I prefer the alignment and ease.
What will you feel once you make the decision to move forward?
Panic and stress?  Or relief and commitment to the new path? Increase or decrease of energy?
What will you feel if you decide against this decisions, for now?
Peace and calm? Or stagnation of going back to the old?  Increase or decrease of energy?
Feelings will show the direction.