How To Transform What You Don’t Like About Yourself

I recorded this 10 months ago (annoyance alert: I talk very slow on videos)

Sometimes, like everyone, I find something within me I don’t like. (I’m so happy it’s a rare occurrence these days…) In this video I described an experience of fully accepting a problem that was hard for me to solve.

A counterintuitive thing to do.

How can we change something we decided to accept? Shouldn’t we beat ourselves up (and feel guilty) until the weakness goes away? Turns out it doesn’t work like this.

It’s because life is a process of self-acceptance.  And it’s because people do better when they feel better. 

Who knew.

So what will happen if you accept the additional 10 pounds, flaw in your character or not having something important? Two things may happen:

One. It will not matter to you any more. It will not be such a burden. You will be able to talk honestly about it with others (helps in relationships A LOOOOT)

Two: You will have more energy and self respect to change this weakness.

How to accept something you don’t like about yourself?

  1. Next time you start thinking about how bad things are, stop.
  2. Take an imaginary step outside of yourself.
  3. Surround yourself with the energy of compassion, acceptance, respect and love.
  4. No logical, convoluted thinking process or figuring out how to hide this part of yourself from others. It’s exhausting.
  5. Do this: self compassion, self acceptance, self respect.
  6. It’s so simple you probably don’t believe it works. Let me know when you do.