Free Your Mind. Stop Accepting Invitations To Other People’s Drama

Photo Joanna Zajusz. Point Reyes national Seashore

There is a great way to free your mind, we are probably not using often enough.

Stop accepting invitations to other people’s drama.

You may say “that’s completely unrealistic” or “how selfish!”

I’m not saying don’t listen to people’s problems, and pain.  Just being heard can help someone tremendously, even if we offer no solution. It’s about people who have nothing to offer except drama and they are freaking out every 15 minutes.

To me, not accepting invitations to other people’s drama is about balance of giving and receiving.  No matter what I give the person- they can’t hear my point of view. I waste my time. And all I would receive in return is their frantic state of mind. No, thank you.  When we choose not to become emotionally involved in other’s drama – we are able to recognize the illusions they are living.

So often people get themselves into all this mess by choice.

Now, I do make exceptions: closest friends – we are there for each other, and I don’t have that crazy friends. Second exception: people who come to me for help. But then, they are open to hear what they can do, they are seeking change. And I am on a mission to help them. Usually these are young people who don’t know any better, and they have to be shown “There is another way. You are capable of doing it and here is how.”

Do you have someone around you, a coworker, roommate, acquaintance – that contributes nothing good to your life and drains your energy with their dramatic stories?

Some people are drama attracting. And drama creating. Peace is boring to them.  And we happen to cross their path. You have only so many more minutes to live. Don’t let the drama people waste them.

You can say so many diplomatic things:

“I’m not available now. I have something on the stove. Etc.”

“I’m overwhelmed with my own things I do not have the capacity to take in more”

“I can’t even imagine what you go through.” (because you can’t even relate)

So, is this way to FREE OUR MIND selfish?

Heck, no. We still help those who need help. People who are close to us, or strangers.

We simply don’t let people who are getting themselves into drama on a regular basis, or who are telling the same drama monologue over and over, to “entertain” us with their stories, while they are completely capable of creating more peace in their lives.  If they only tried.

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