Free Your Mind. Say ‘No’ To Other People’s Drama

Photo Joanna Zajusz. Point Reyes national Seashore

There is a great way to free your mind, we are probably not using often enough.

Stop accepting invitations to other people’s drama.

What does it mean?

It means that if someone shares only drama, and only takes your attention, energy, and only complains, never really wanting to do anything to change –  you may want to stop engaging. 

I’m not suggesting refusing support. After all, we want to be there for each other.  Being listened to can help someone tremendously, even if we offer no solution. And often we do want to help, we do want to be needed.

But maybe we want to take another look at some of our relationships with people who have nothing to offer except drama. They give nothing, they don’t listen to you, ever, their presence only exhaust you. 

You likely have this friend or someone who never thinks for themselves but always drains your creative energy to figure out their problem. Someone who gets themselves into problems on a regular basis.

To me, not accepting invitations to other people’s drama is about the balance of giving and receiving.  No matter what I give the person- they can’t hear my point.  They prefer to make excuses and have no courage to change. They don’t want to try and learn.  

When we choose not to become emotionally involved in other’s drama

  • We are able to recognize the illusions they are living.
  • We can rest.
  • We can stay on the outside of their crazy world. 
  • We can look at what was attracting us to them in the first place, and maybe see that they were activating the RESUER and HELPER Archetype within us. Now this situation can teach us to balance that archetype, the part of us that comes alive when there is an opportunity to help.

🌿Do you have someone around you, a coworker,  acquaintance, a family member  – that contributes nothing good to your life and drains your energy with their dramatic stories?

🌿Do you find yourself putting more energy into solving their problem than they do?

🌿How would it feel to withdraw your energy and not take on yourself their load of drama?


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