Big decisions, big changes and your Intuition.

Sometimes when you have a big plan or prepare for a big change, you work on your mindset but there is no agreement from your whole body, mind and heart. You can’t put a finger on it, but you do not feel the energy to proceed and complete the change. Why?

It may be your intuition

Our intuition plays an interesting role: in life, in making big changes, decisions, or purchases.

Sometimes you want to dig deeper and remove all inner obstacles. And you still cannot create full alignment.

Something stops you from proceeding with your plan. So you use a lot of reasoning. Maybe even math. Pros and cons. You try to make sense of things. 

At the same time you have a nagging feeling and it makes no sense that you feel it. 

What I know about intuition at this point is that your soul has access to the future too. Your soul is not limited to this linear time. It can collapse time , it can access any time.

You may not know the future with your conscious mind, but your soul knows, and it protects you from taking this step by giving you a hunch… that feels like misalignment. 

Something holds you back. And when it comes from your intuition, from your Soul, it may be a very  good thing. 

Another thing that may happen for your protection,  is when…

something falls apart. Someone steps away from an agreement, or cancels arrangements. You may not see it for weeks or months, or years, but sometimes things fall apart because that is better for you ultimately. 

Just like rejection is protection. 

Plans that fall apart can be a protection too.