Making difficult decisions. More struggle is coming from thinking.

what decision is better

The hardest topic for me to coach on is DECISION MAKING.

No wonder I had a problem making it myself.

I learned that the struggle was coming from my THINKING.

Thinking that the other decision would have so much better outcome, while I have NO guarantee it would.

The truth is all decisions have pros and cons.

No decision ever has 100% positives.

(Yes, we can argue some are better… but since we can’t go back in time to fix it, it is not useful to argue. )

If we don’t like the outcome of this decision, we think the other would be better.

However we really DON’T KNOW the consequences of the OTHER decision either.

And it goes for financial, medical, personal decisions…

(ok, ok… if you invest in stocks I know you can contradict it now at the time I wrote this,

but we have more decisions to make in life.)


The struggle continues if I think: “the other decision would be better”

I feel more at peace when I think:

“This is the best decision for now.

“I will make the best out of this decision”

“I can’t see yet what is to be learned from this.”

How many decisions we made in life that felt bad in the moment, because there was a big price to pay in terms of emotions, stress, money etc, but in retrospect we are glad we made them?

Could it be that this is better than NEVER making ANY decision, never taking a risk? Always staying in the same place wondering “what if”? I’d say it is.