[video] 10 min transformation (Tapas Acupressure Technique)

When we are creating change, is it to heal the body, release pain, remedy a situation in a relationship or change a limiting belief, we need a number of tools. As a coach and a hypnotherapist I have plenty and here I am sharing a simple one – that I don’t use often enough! that uses acupressure points and guided practice.

It takes 5-7 minutes.

Your mind will want to wander – gently bring it back. it gets better with practice.

Your hands may get tired – simply switch them, rest them for a moment, support elbows on your knees etc.

When you are working on chronic pain, you may add a step: all the unconscious emotions underneath the pain are healing now

Let me know in the comments here or on YT how you liked and . Did you feel a shift?

Tips to make self-healing methods more effective: 

  • repeat for several days or more if needed (I mean, don’t do it just once)
  • modify the instructions to your needs
  • be in the now (limit distractions)
  • use many methods – addressing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspect of a problem
  • trust your inner guidance