Outsmart your Instant Gratification (get help from your Future Self)


(This is not the exact transcript of the video. Please watch to get the whole message)

How do you sell yourself on delayed gratification?

Why would you want to feel the satisfaction later rather than earlier? 

This is what helps us to create our worthwhile goals. 

Instant gratification, on the other hand,  is behind every bad habit, procrastination, weight gain, overspending, smoking, emotional eating.  When you want to end the bad habit, what do you do? 

Mindfulness equals Awareness

When you are about to do again, stop, and check in with yourself. 

Being mindful, you gain mental, emotional and physical awareness . 

Mental awareness may reveal to you the inner lies you have been telling yourself. 

Tell yourself the truth

So stop the lies. Tell yourself  the truth. Tell yourself a different story. 

Your  future self / your life / a month or a year from now is the result of what you are doing today. 

Every day. Sometimes we are not connected with the Future Self. I noticed this is a practice, like everything else. The future self tomorrow, in a week, in a year is a result of what we are doing now on a regular basis. 


What makes it harder is when you have a big goal and you don’t see the path in front of you. You live in the past or in the now and the future is unclear. You don’t connect with it. This can be changed with imagination or …  NLP. 

Maybe you are overwhelmed with what you need to do or you don’t know how. 

But you know what is the Secret? You don’t have to know “the how.”

You only need to take the next best logical step. If you are creating something new, the path will be unique to you and will be created by you.

Make it real

Is it difficult to imagine yourself a year or 10 years from now?  Imagine yourself 1 week from now. 

What can you start doing today, and every day, to move  closer to your goal? Sometimes it is the little changes. Slow and steady. Instead of trying to do a lot in one day. 

And let me say, the goal doesn’t need to be productivity. maybe you simply need more time for yourself. Rest is a worthwhile goal and organizing yourself around time can create space for intentional rest you seek. 

Let’s make the Future Self even more real: 

Think about tomorrow. What are you going to do today… who are you going to be today, so your future self – tomorrow – will thank you for doing it?