First steps to realizing your Heart’s Desire

269441_1808060761528_1081848_n[ This is about:  Moving your forgotten heart’s desires from the back burner to the front. Testing your desires. Does it have to bring you money? The one sure thing to knock down any obstacles. Fulfillment vs disappointment.]

There is a dream, a desire, sleeping in the back of your mind.

It can be really anything. The only common factor is that you feel very emotional about it.

People keep those dreams in the back of their head for years and decades. It could be a new, meaningful work, reuniting with someone, writing a book, or an adventure. In my case it’s a series of drawings and few paintings. 

How do you recognize it and bring it into reality?

If you believe you have one or several of those dreams, I want to offer you just one easy to implement idea. Read on.

How do you know that your dream, is “real”? Meaning, it’s your heart’s desire? Because not having it makes you cry. 

Heart’s Desire Exercise.

I learned it from Dr. Robert Anthony. Imagine a scale from 0-100, where 100 means you are most passionate about the idea, and 0 means you could not care less.

Take your ideas, one after another, and check it against the scale. If you feel 60% passionate about it, maybe you can do it, but there is more chance you will fail. 30%? you will likely give up at the earliest opportunity. But when the desire makes it in the 85-100 % mark – the chances of you succeeding are very high.

Why is that?

Obstacles will appear on every path. No matter if you have chosen the 50% idea or the 100% idea – the obstacles will appear. But in the first case you will have less mental and physical energy to overcome them.  You will give up faster. In the 100% case – you will do anything. That’s the power of passion, and your faith in the goal.


Sometimes we really  “have no more time” But then things change. Yet we keep finding stuff to do. Unnecessary fillers. We keep avoiding what would make us fulfilled. Remove the fillers. Create time to realize your desire. Moby Dick was written in the small increments of time between one thing and another Melville had to attend to.

Right, we may not have the money. This is still not reason enough to not doing what you want: there are ways to be creative about it. You can keep the cycle of giving and receiving open, and flowing. In 2013 when I had no money for travel, I still spent 52 days vacationing on 3 continents thanks to people who invited me along.

Creativity, quantum leap, sending clear messages to the universe – this will help.

How do I know that when I pursue this desire it will make me money?

1.Oh, dear… I don’t know.   2.It’s a secondary concern. (for romantics, at least)  3.I’m not the right person to ask.

What I do know is, it will bring you fulfillment. Because your soul needs to create. And give. And this is how it evolves.


The one simple thing you can do today is: 

to mentally move the dream from the back of your head to the forefront: to the area of possibility. 

Stop the filler thoughts. Invest your thoughts into what matters to you. ( 80% of our thoughts are just repeating themselves from day to day so we are not losing much)

And when you start thinking about it, the vision will evolve, it will catch the fire, and it won’t stop there. Your desire and will will move you towards action (crucial part). 

This is a gentle start that may become a powerful one.

It starts with the thought and evolves into action.  

That’s it.

– But wait, what if I get disappointed?

– and…what if you will be fulfilled?

Your soul needs to create and give. 

If you have any “buts”,  “ands” about any of the ideas mentioned here – please comment under the blog. And I will see you there.

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