How To Be An Alchemist Of Emotions [ freedom from suppressed anger ]


You never emailed me on anything as much, as you did on the topic of repressed anger. And healing from anger. Since this has been important for so many of you, I thought I’d let you know, that the ebook  “From anger to peace. 7 step journey to emotional freedom” will be available again on Amazon by the end of February 2023. (I moved  the date) But before you go to get the ebook, I wanted you to consider this:

The “alchemy” of emotions.

How each of us is – or can be –  a great alchemist.

Centuries ago alchemists were concerned with transmuting lead into gold.  These days people talk about feeling empowered, and connected to their spirit, when life gives them ‘lemons’ and they turn (transmute) them into a ‘lemonade.’

The journey from anger to inner peace is a process of taking the lemons, cutting them, squeezing the juice, and finding many practical uses for it.

I never intended to be an ‘anger expert’… I wanted to be a peacemaker. But now it makes sense… how can you know the Light,  if you didn’t step into the Darkness? How can you live in a Penthouse and truly enjoy the view, if you have never been to the Basement?

A great alchemist would take the chemicals and energy of anger and transform them into something of value.  A positive change? An empowering state of wellbeing and being in control in life?  Strong boundaries?  A building block of a strong character and peace?  What would be of value to you?

I never studied neurotransmitters and hormones, but something tells me, that the 7 step process would allow to decrease adrenaline and increase endorphins and serotonin. This would then stop the damaging effect of anger, and it would allow its energy to be used for something positive (if you have an insight on the neurotransmitters please comment under the blog post)

7 Step Journey Towards Inner Peace, Freedom And Change.

From Anger To Peace by Joanna Zajusz

The ebook talks about:

  • the myths of anger,
  • how we end up with suppressed anger,
  • what it really is,
  • why do we come back to the origins of our anger and resentment,
  • the importance of healing,
  • intention for the work,
  • 7 step process where I guide you in detail step by step + guided meditation,
  • effect of meditation on anger and similar feelings,
  • my story + finding the tools for change,
  • 14 daily tips and strategies to handle difficult situations and be more at peace

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