Your BELIEFS will increase or drain your ENERGY 

What you think will support or drain your ENERGY. 

Your beliefs will influence if you will go and how you will go through your transformation. 

(It can be about weight loss journey, it can be about becoming the artist, the writer, the partner you want to become.  Or maybe you simply want to feel better in your skin and be proud of yourself. )

Beliefs and mindset will make or break our efforts. 

They will give us the needed energy or drain the energy. Energy matters because you need to take some actions to change.

Truly it is the physical and the subtle energy… 

Your helpful beliefs will align your whole body, mind, heart and spirit. This is when you will feel you are in alignment, you sense that the door is open. There is no resistance, no doubt. 

If you feel something is off, it may be intuition or  maybe your beliefs about this goal are  not in agreement. 

When you want something really bad, and you are not creating it – let’s check what blocks you. 

Often we don’t see the whole picture, we need someone to witness us and listen to us  to discover the block. (and I can say with confidence, I do it very well. But not for myself. I need another person to hear me out and ask good questions. 

Sometimes we keep thinking one thought over and over, not realizing what it creates energetically. Does it create a block? Negativity?  Does it create positivity, alignment, and  flow? 

In a good conversation (as in coaching) there are epiphanies that await you. If you really want, you can break through the limiting beliefs. One after another.