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Before you rush into another program, let's consider how much of our success depends on our MIND, and how everything we do, depends on our feelings. In other words, let's decide:

How do we want to think about weight loss, to feel in control and this time actually do it?

Joanna Zajusz, M.F.A - Cert Life and Weight Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist 

1. What drives our actions to our success or sabotage 

In this video I'm talking about

  • How our mind creates our physical reality - in this case: weight loss or gain
  • What drives our Actions
  • What to do with all the Feelings
  • How to discover Thoughts that are not useful 

2. Dispelling the illusion of "deprivation"

In this video let's look at... 

  • Deprivation as an illusion - where does it come from? (hint: thinking) 
  • The huge difference between being  vs feeling deprived 
  • The choice we have to create a mindset of abundance vs deprivation

3. Are you an "all or nothing" person?

In this video let's consider

  • How "all or nothing" works against your goal 
  • The best parts of "all or nothing" personality
  • How to find a middle path that works and commit fully to it

4. Take your power back. Own your choices

In this video I'm giving an example of:

  • how we give our power away
  • how to be free to make empowered choices
  • how to "own" our choices

  • 5. What is "normal" eating?

    In this video I am ranting about:

    • what is normal
    • what is the opposite of "normal" (as in SAD)
    • and I am offering an alternative that gives us lasting results

    6. Stages of Awareness in emotional eating 

    In this video: 

    • How to measure what stage of emotional eating are you in? 
    • The increase of awareness overtime
    • What to do with the emotions. 
    • why you can never have enough of what you really don't want

    5. What to do when you fall off the wagon?

    In this video:

    • eating out of control sabotages our goals
    • what to do when it happens (self talk, learning)
    • what awareness has to do with it?
    • why binging has nothing to do with enjoying food

    Download the worksheet

    Free e-book. 

    Take your power back. 

    Five ways to prove you are stronger than the food.

    Take your power back cover

    When we struggle with weight it seems like food is stronger than us.  This short ebook will help you identify five areas where we can take our power back in weight loss. 

    If you believe you are "unable" to resist certain foods, you give your power away.  It happens...

    • in your thinking about failure
    • when you say yes to instant gratification
    • when you don't have good relationship with yourself
    • when your are confused by your conflicting thoughts (your want to lose weight but you want the cake too) 
    • when you don't understand the urges to overeat

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