When you want it all, give your all [weight loss clarity]


(video below.) Sometimes we commit just partially to a goal. It’s not conscious. We may not realize how much effort it really takes to get there.

But somewhere along the way we need to look at the results we are getting.  Are we closer? Are we moving ahead?

If we don’t like our results there are three possibilities:

  1. QUIT (but we don’t do that)
  2. BE HONEST: am I giving “my all” to this? If not: do it. 
  3. ADJUST and RECOMMIT. If I know I put 100% effort and see no results – change the strategy
  • Sometimes people quit.  Quitting is a perfect way to never get anywhere. But it certainly feels good! Now – no need to push myself just indulge in all the pleasures of rest and pasta 🙂 Maybe the goal wasn’t for me anyway…??
  • Next choice: ask an honest question: am I giving my all to this? Or am I doing a little, expecting to get EVERYTHING? All the results, all the glory? Am I putting 30% effort into this, expecting 100% reward and  praise?
  • And if I truly believe I’m giving my all – then maybe I need to tweak my plan.  (in weight loss it may look like removing diary, alcohol, reducing fat, changing proportions, trying different exercise routine – and observing the results)

It’s amazing how our brain will always follow the direction we give it.

  • When I am “ALL IN” it’s not only that I am taking action..
  • I take time to check if I’m doing it right.
  • I ask myself: what else? What am I missing? What else can I do? And I find things I haven’t done before.
  • How can I think about it so I feel determined, positive and energized (or any positive emotions that are relevant for me)

The actions I take from there?  So much better. I’m proving to myself: I’m all in.


Want to feel empowered in your weight loss process? Read this blog, where I write about two ways for it to happen.  And if you want to quit sugar, in this video I outlined the mental process – thoughts, feelings and the consequences. 


You can probably tell, it’s all about managing the mind.  If you ever want to find out how we can do it in coaching – schedule your free consultation – I will be happy to show you. http://www.calendly.com/jopr