We choose every day between these two types of discomfort

(This is for anyone who has a goal and starts working towards it. – weight loss goal, creativity, study, new skill – anything – What to expect? )

Everyone experienced this. 

We start working on an exciting goal, something we truly believe in, we feel inspired, determined, elated, powerful, clear, all the good stuff, and then… sooner or later something happens. 

There is an obstacle, a more difficult part of the process, self doubt…  and the feeling of discomfort shows up. No matter what is the reason, we can be certain,  we will feel some discomfort. We can be CERTAIN it will show up. 

Why we keep going

This is a crucial moment. This will determine if we reach the goal or not. 

This will determine If we will keep going. We need to remember that  discomfort is an integral part of reaching every worthwhile goal. Discomfort is a price of growth, learning and success.  Then we can accept it and move towards it.  Imagine what happens , When we don’t know this, it’s easy to make a mistake as many people do. We feel discomfort and take it as a sign we are not meant to do it… That it was not the right idea, path, person, niche. 

We may believe that when we choose the right path, niche, person – things should always be easy.

Why we quit

And if we don’t know that the discomfort will always be there, we may quit. And since quitting feels so good, it brings so much relief, it seems like the right thing to do because we feel better.  But this is when our primitive brain tricks us to believe this is better. 

But if we decide to quit and stop pursuing our goals,  there is a surprise waiting for us… Do you  know what it is??? 

It’s discomfort. How is it possible? We just tried to run away from it. And here it is again? 

The second crucial thing to remember is that no matter if we proceed with a goal or quit we are going feel discomfort anyway. 

We will feel discomfort anyway

What is the difference? 

One is the discomfort of pursuing our goals,  discomfort of creating something new. 

Second one is the discomfort of giving up on our dreams. 

And watching someone else reaching our dream. 

Each of them have their consequence.  

Which discomfort will bring us more confidence? 

It always will be the discomfort of growth 

I like to see it as paying for things ahead or after. We pay ahead of time for the good worthwhile things in life, and we pay afterwards for the negative things, action that create negative consequences., 

But does it mean that we will feel discomfort all the way thru the end. No, luckily there is a variety of different emotions we can and will feel. The good part is you can learn how to CREATE FEELING THAT FUEL ACTION

What if we did all we could and didn’t reach the goal, it is possible right ?  Because there is no guarantees that we will. If we don’t reach the goal we still have what we call: 

Strategic byproducts 

  • More confidence, 
  • Know the limits,
  • Know yourself better, know what you will do and not do 
  • Learn the lessons
  • New people, relationships, developing new skills, 
  • New passion
  • …and you can write a book about the journey and sell it.

Something we wouldn’t have if we stayed in hiding. 

What would be one thing you could walk away from this short lesson: 

To be more aware of  Where are you avoiding discomfort , how are you holding yourself back from moving forward, and in what moments can you be more honest which discomfort you are choosing.