If You Knew Where You’re Going, Would You Have To Rush?

Sometimes we get into the trap of chasing “success” before we even define it. We get so busy, getting “there”, that we don’t have any time to think: where are we actually heading? What exactly is the thing we are making compromises for? And then we wake up in the middle of a nightmare, we spend few sleepless nights in anxiety, and decide to leave this road because it feels false. ( That’s the rebellious types. The compliant ones stay and pay the price.)

if you know

Wouldn’t it be the most practical thing for each of us, to create our own definition of success?

And if you dislike the word, perhaps “a state of deep contentment and fulfillment” will do? What will that state, that time really have for you? How would you want to feel when you have it.

If we don’t get clear, we may be checking off or accumulating  things that in the end don’t matter all that much. Some of them will leave you even more hungry, empty, depressed.  Not that we can’t enjoy them at all… But is this the most important thing for you ?

Are you open to try something different and tell me what it changed for you?
  1. How do you want to feel by the end of every single day? Accomplished?  In control of people, money?  Elevated? Connected? Empowered? Free? Loved? Wonderful? Making history?
  2. What can you do tomorrow that will make you feel this way by the end of the day?
  3. How can you BE… who can you BE today to feel that by the end of the day?
  4. How will that change our lives, if we move our focus from the success “someday” to today? 

If everyday fulfillment becomes our way of life, soon we may notice that we got “there.” And there will be few regrets or maybe none at all.

Life’s example: I also like to look at breaking our soft addictions and  food habits in the same way: yes,  you ultimately want to eliminate completely sugar, dairy, cigarettes and whatever is your thing, from your diet. Yes, you may want to exercise, move,  every day for the rest of your life. But what matters today is, that you ate healthy today, in this moment you have chosen not to eat that cookie, you have chosen the past hour to be smoke free. You remembered to take a walk. After a day, a week, a month you look back and you see a success. How would you feel then, instead of worrying about the future and the next 30 years…

Photo: Joanna Zajusz / Santa Barbara