[Self Love]. One Thing You Could Stop Doing To Yourself


Earlier today I had a conversation with someone who described how bad she felt, after pondering, analyzing, and comparing…

What is the problem with comparing ourselves to others?  You may think this is an evaluation of your progress, but you are really harming yourself.

It’s also not fair for you when you compare other person’s “exterior” to your “interior”.

I’m not a fan of any comparison: neither exterior to exterior , nor interior to interior.

It is not productive and not really motivating. As always: replace the negative with positive; replace draining with energizing: What can you do instead?


Joanna Zajusz

My goal is to serve clients GENEROUSLY; to create a transformative, ILLUMINATING coaching journey, for women and men ready to reclaim their POWER and the POSSIBILITIES ahead. Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Life coach with a no-nonsense approach to energy healing and deep inner work. My work is inspired by Brooke Castillo, Tony Robbins / Cloe Madanes, Caroline Myss,PhD, Margaret Moore (Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard), A Course in Miracles, Hermeticism, and Yoga. Certified Mind Body Wellness Coach, Master of Art and Education from the University of Silesia, in Poland.