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Next time when you feel frustrated, stressed, confused, or feel any draining emotion, AND you want to feel better, in seconds, do this:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Think what is the opposite of what you feel now. How do you want to feel?  If you feel down, you may think of lightness. If you feel stressed you may think “peace”, “peaceful”. If you beat yourself up for something you said, think “I ‘m kind to myself,” and so on. It can be just one word. It can be a short statement. 
  3. Say the word in your mind while you exhale.

What happens? You are using two powerful resources: your breath and a word. Full, conscious breath is grounding and calming. It is pure pleasure. It get’s you in touch with your Self. Words have power and vibrations that affect how we feel. The whole thing takes about 10 seconds.

My favorite: