[video] How I prepare to a hypnosis session [behind the scenes]

In this video I am going thru preparation to a session focused on: healing of the heart, memories of abandonment and control, forgiveness, opening to receive and to give…

From the moment the client fills out the confidential form online, and we get on the phone for a quick consult,  feel connected to their spirit and my mind gives me intuitive insights about what they need.

Interesting how for the past few years mostly men were coming to me to work on their emotional/ spiritual heart, and I have seen some making profound transformations.

My intention is to create a sacred space for this deep work and that the maximum healing effect happens today. even though we know that some things require work over a longer period of time, uncovering layer after layer, some things can happen in NO TIME. Just as miracles of the mind happen in vertical time, rather than horizontal.

The space, the comfy hypnotherapy chair are energetically cleansed (palo santo, sound, reiki symbol) I’m playing a solfeggio or other meditative music, for some sessions, like this spiritually oriented I use crystals and singing bowls in the beginning or the end of the session. I burn essential oils as they work on our subtle energy field.

The script itself: how I am guiding the person thru the experience is the central part. I use my notes from what they told me they need, from what I got by meditating on that person. And I combine 2-4 healing techniques in the script. All in my mind, because even though sometimes I reach to a specific script, I have memorized a lot of them already and I am putting them in my mind as we go… I feel guided. In the end I often don’t remember what was said. I just know it was good. All that of course happens within a framework of what supposed to happen in a good script.