The Price of Your Inner Peace

inner peace deep blue

Can we create lasting peace? Or do we only have fleeting moments of peace? 

If you ever lost the state of inner peace, and later were able to regain it – you know it is priceless, and you will never consciously do anything that would compromise it.

Do we even realize what inner peace is, until we lose it? Do we know it’s price unless we have to work to get it back?  And the road back can be long and unbelievably hard.

It may involve spiritual work, money, therapies, mediators, forgiveness, mediums, letting go, mending… it may take as much as being on a threshold of ending your life. It may take lots of love and support from others; it may take a miracle.

I have put together my own system to support my inner peace. It’s based on many lessons. There is a cliché that says “there are no mistakes just lessons”, but we may not see the benefit until years later. I think that some of mine lessons were unnecessary, and only time can prove otherwise. Other lessons were gentle: I got the hint. I knew. I didn’t have to learn it the hard way.

One thing we gain for sure in such transformation, is that our integrity, mindfulness, and values become so strong, that when we face a situation or a person, that wants us to compromise – we will not yield.

If you lost your peace, what were the lessons you learned ? What priorities did emerge? What do you need to value more? Look always for the empowering meaning of the situation. Make agreements, heal yourself. Forgive yourself.  It takes inner work as well as working with others – to reclaim your peace. 

Did you ever lose inner peace and somehow found your way back to life? If you go thru the transformation now, you must not give up. You may not believe it now, but you will feel again: inner peace and even bliss.