Believing your big [weight loss] goals

When it comes to getting something that, naturally, takes time, we run into the first obstacle. Not believing we can have it.

Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds. You have lived with the 50 pounds for many years.  You try things, but lose steam fast because they don’t work fast enough. You lose hope, you don’t have the energy, strong will, or discipline to continue. Why is it?

You may say: I don’t have patience, it doesn’t work fast enough.

But I think that the problem is: you don’t believe you can get there. 

I don’t want to talk now about all the reasons how your life may change when you do. I don’t want to talk about the things you will need to leave behind, and the things you will welcome in your life, in the process. That’s another topic. I want to talk about the first step of achieving your dream weight. And that is believing you can have it. 

How to believe your big goal?

The connection is clear: Your beliefs and thoughts will guide you to take actions, or not to take them.

How do you know what  you believe, even on the subconscious level?

  • Notice what you think.
  • Hear what you say.
  • Observe what you do. 

If, clearly, you are not taking action, or you quit often, or you take the kind of action that guarantees you will not reach your goal… you self-sabotage: you don’t believe it. The goal seems so distance, and so impossible. I think we all have been there.

So here is the first step. Can you believe you can lose 5 pounds?

Yes? Maybe? If for example you weigh now 187 pounds, how hard would it be to get to 182? Certainly easier and faster than getting to 137!

Losing 50 pounds seems hard.

Losing 5 pounds seems easy.

What if you do the “easy” 10 x? (even if we both know each next 5 pounds will be harder… but so what? Hard doesn’t mean impossible)

And when you imagine yourself at 182 and continue doing what you have been doing, adjusting actions and thoughts here and there, can you imagine getting to 177? 172? 167? .. 137?

Each time you achieve a small success it is easier to believe you can achieve another, and another. 

Well, of course sometimes we get scared and go back quickly to the previous weight. But that’s doesn’t have to happen! If it happens though – know that it’s a normal reaction: your mind will want to convince you that the new thing, getting thinner, is not good. It’s not a familiar territory, and the brain like new things. You will need to outsmart it if you ever want to change anything: lose weight, make more money, or change relationships.

Perhaps you have thoughts about it

…thoughts percolating in your mind, about “sacrifices… discipline… willpower… deprivation… hard work… sweating… missing out…” Perhaps you think “I would rather enjoy food than be skinny!” 

Examine your beliefs about those thoughts

These thoughts simply show that you have a belief about how weight loss is happening. You associate those words with pain and weight loss. And who wants pain?

So I’d invite you to sit (or go for a walk even better) and think, how it doesn’t have to be true. How each of those things may mean something entirely different and positive, bringing you positive results.

P.S  By the way who said you need to lose weight? If you do not have a clear, personal reason why you want it, if you are just looking for approval, or to fit into certain image – that will not sustain you. You have to want this for you. 

P.P.S. But if you want it…. When you decide you are ready to do what it takes to lose weight, set up a free call with me, to see if using the power of your MIND through coaching and hypnotherapy, to create the body you are proud of, are the right path for you.