Do we talk Nutrition in Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

So you decided to lose those last few, or 20 pounds… 

Time passes by, perhaps you tried willpower, deprivation and sweating in classes you don’t enjoy. Maybe you are in a bad mood eating all the “healthy” food that you can’t wait to leave behind, when you reach the ideal weight. Then you will go back to “normal” eating. 

But the scale doesn’t move

and you suspect your subconscious mind is sabotaging you. You decide to see a hypnotherapist to resolve it once and for all!

If you happen to come to me, like other hypnotherapists I will work with you on rewriting your limiting beliefs, on your emotions so they support you not sabotage you. You will have a clear plan. 

But I am also  going to talk about what you eat. 

Now what business do I have in your fridge? 

Shouldn’t I stay away from it and just focus on my primary expertise: the mind? 

Let’s see…

You want the results, yes? 

You want the person you hired to care and be honest?

You want them to do EVERYTHING in their power to help you reach the goal? 

How would you feel, if you paid me hundreds of dollars, spent hours in coaching and hypnosis, shared your fears, your feelings and struggles, wrote down everything you ate… and I, seeing you eat something making fat loss IMPOSSIBLE – kept this info away from you? 

Wouldn’t it be beyond belief dishonest? 

Wouldn’t it be out of integrity? 

Now, I know that for everyone, me included,  it’s hard to change beliefs about what’s healthy. Every year we hear about new discoveries in the area of nutrition. It’s easy to go nuts. It’s easy to conclude “I don’t know what to eat anymore” and it’s easy to stay consistent with our original beliefs. 

You don’t have to listen. You don’t have to follow… You don’t have to do anything with the information. You are simply invited to consider it. 

All changes need to come from a place of self empowerment. 

You do it when you are ready; once you see that leaving out certain things is not depriving, but giving the best to the one body you have. 

While I will never tell you want to eat ( I will only point you to the resources…, besides, every person is different)  I can tell you what you may consider removing. Can you see any harm in removing harmful foods? Especially if they make burning fat impossible? 

I see the journey of getting to the body you are proud of as an act of self-care, self-love and appreciation. Removing the harmful ingredients is simply self care.  Just like taking care of and empowering our minds through hypnosis.

Perhaps one day we will meet at your fridge 🙂