What you FOCUS on IS what will COME from this.

“Only good will come from this”

I have said these words to myself many times. Within minutes of my car accident, after unpleasant experiences, during a divorce, when I didn’t get what I thought I “deserved”, in difficult situations, when I handled things in a clumsy way.

Only good will come from this 

… words I’d say to myself with unshakable faith. They made me feel that I stand in my power.

What power? The ability to choose what I focus on.

Only good will come from this

Of course it may sound naive. I don’t make this judgement.

My realization is:

that in all those instances…  GOOD CAME FROM THIS  in this form or another. In a form of significant personal transformation, substantial sum of money, valuable lessons, or better skills. By saying this mantra to myself I decide what will come from this.

I may not know exactly what will come from this. But I decided it’s going to be good. Constructive. Of value. Beneficial. Are there any side effects in any of those situations? Of course, that’s possible, and happens. But they are not the center of my FOCUS.

How does it work?

When you say “only good will come from this” deep within you are not only deciding what will be your main focus in this situation. You are deciding, believing, knowing: your Spirit is stronger than “this” and nothing that happens can break the power of your SPIRIT.

Did you like this article? If you didn’t, only good will come from this. Write your version of it, a better one, and post it in the comments 🙂