Letting Go Of the Daily Guilt [as a Woman, Mother, Artist]

We recorded this conversation with Theresa (11th Hour Shaman) in November 2021. I forgot to share it here, so here it is  in case you don’t follow my YT channel.

Feeling guilty seems to be a daily reality for women, whether they are mothers or not. 

We think there is always someone else we should put first, always someone else to take care of. This is the why the phrase “put yourself first” does not resonate with a lot of women – and it’s rather threatening to their self concept. But doing things out of obligation creates resentment and a relationship affected by resentment is neither good or honest. 

In the video we are talking about

  • how women can abandon self-care out of obligation,
  • …and how they would actually do a favor to to someone if they did take care of themselves,
  • and how being an artists involves feeling guilty as you are “taking the time” to do YOUR art, as if you were stealing it from someone.
  • How to escape the cycle of guilt and resentment (or shame, and blame?) What is the remedy?
  • including stories about personal examples

Can we let that guilt go and take care of ourselves in a healthy way?

If not- who is coming to tell us: “you can go and rest now, take time for yourself”? Sounds crazy – of course nobody is. We need to do it – no longer from a place of guilt, but perhaps from a place of responsibility for ourselves.

How did you handle your feeling of guilt? Or are you still trying to figure out what will end it?

Remember you ARE NOT guilty. You only FEEL this feeling. And we can change our feelings….