My “Balm for the Soul” Playlist


Rarely I use music in meditation, and if I do, it’s only as an intro, when I feel somewhat empty. I play the kind of music as below sometimes during yoga at home.

This is a fragment of my peace evoking playlist. From dreamy and extremely calming, to awakening and playful. (those that are not linked could not be found on YouTube, but they are on iTunes)

  1. “Pranayama” from  “The eternal embrace” by Baird Hersey & Prana
  2. “Ahimsa”  from “The eternal Embrace” by by Baird Hersey
  3. “Solar Plexus – Manipura” from “Reiki sleep” – Llewellyn
  4. “Spleen” from “Reiki” by Dakini Mandarava
  5. “Breathing” from “Journey to our dreams” by Llewellyn
  6. “Blessing”  from “Buddha Nature” by Deuter
  7. “Caves of the Saintes” Meditation Tribe
  8. “Sacred Prayer” from “Sacred” by Kevin Wood
  9. Walking into the Himalaya to meditate from “Tibetan meditation Music” by Nawang Khechog
  10. “The Dream of the Dolphin” from  “The cross of changes 2” by Enigma
  11. Om Namo Bhagavate  from “Embrace” by Deva Premal
  12. We are people from “Celebrate Peace” by Snatam Kaur

I heard “Pranayama” for the first time on a mat doing yoga with my amazing teacher Danielle. Then I had the most amazing experience playing it (over and over) doing yoga at home, at night, with candles lit, overlooking my garden sparkling with lights.

“Blessing” creates a feeling of limitless happiness. In my hypnotherapy practice I arrange music in a way that this song plays towards the end of the session.

The sounds of “Spleen” create a sense of spaciousness and strength. Maybe because there is no melody at all. When I heard it while driving (ok… don’t do that) I imagined that it would go well with a Tree Pose, and the hands in Chin Mudra (tip of the thumb touching the tip of the index finger, while the remaining fingers are slightly bent). It does. If you try that maybe you will want to say the affirmation that goes with the Chin mudra: “Divine knowledge makes my life richer and easier; divine wisdom delights my heart and shows me the path.”

“Om Namo Bhagavate” is the most uplifting. “Dream of the dolphin” – mysterious. “We are people”: puppy happy and innocent,  but you may find yourself doing belly dancing to it.

Do you have a song that uplifts you?


  • Arzu says:

    Just started listening into Baird Hersey & Prana’s music on Spotify. They don’t have Pranayama, but their other tracks are wonderful too. I will enjoy my way through your list. Thank you so much. I am always on the look out for music that inspires, soothes… me.
    Much love, Arzu

    • Thanks for reading Arzu, I just linked some of them to youtube ( I don’t know how to link it to iTunes where they all are.) You can’t go wrong with Deuter, Llewellyn, and you may enjoy Dean Evenson and some native american music , or a tibetan flute!

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