Do We Really Need to Set Goals?

new year's resolutions

There is this wonderful energy present in the beginning of every year. Everything is possible, hope prevails. The year in front of us… raw and blank.

The last and the first day of a year are the most contemplative days for me. I, too, always loved the idea of making a list of dreams to fulfill. And it never crossed my mind that it can be done on January 1st as well as on July 30th. But, then, when we look back, we say: this was a “good” year, a “bad” year. So maybe there is something that makes each year about something else. (In 2010 I wrote: 2011 learn, 2012 play, 2013 settle. All of which was done.)

How we set our goals matters.

For some time it was too business like for me:  the goal of making certain amount of money, selling so many homes,  or building a better body,  even spending a month on the West coast – apparently all not inspiring enough… these are the sad goals, the “should” goals, the shitty goals… goals that are dead the moment we write them down.

I remember looking – 5 years ago – disillusioned at a booklet filled with questions I was unable to answer. It was called “Design the best 10 years of your life” and at that time I haven’t found my calling yet. Planning a big chunk of life with no dreams, vision and passion made me feel like a failure. To set inspiring goals the dream must feel alive.

Today, energetically I’m in a different place, I have a different approach to writing goals. And I want you to join me.

Lets make it not about “what” but “how”.

Lets make it unpredictably fun, inspiring, exhilarating.

Think: what makes your life rich?

What puts a big smile on your face?

What things you can’t wait to do?

What makes you walk 2 inches above the ground?

Close your eyes, allow yourself to be transported to those places…

If we simply commit to do more of the above – we will have a great year.

Now get a paper, a journal, and write.

I still think it’s a great idea to know where we want to go, otherwise we may either get lost or find ourselves in this bleak situation as Alice did:

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”


And I want…

…to travel fast,  in a beautiful country.

I want exhilarating and liberating.

Inspiring and empowering.

Magnificent and elevating.

Soaring and diving.

Cool light of the northern lands.

Pure nature

Fast trains.

Gentleness and caring.

Authentic connections.

Spiritual collaborations.

Real friendships.

Knowledge of  more secrets.

Witnessing beauty.

Creating beauty.

And why not? All this: 2014.