There Is Something You Are Not Saying… [5th chakra]

Photo of a book “Wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith


There is something I’m noticing in my energy healing sessions with many women. It is striking…

As I start working on their 5th chakra, there is SO much happening there. So much…  In a sense this chakra is telling me: “balance me, harmonize me, remove this heaviness, dissolve this block, energize me.” And on the energetic level this request is really loud. 

The throat chakra is a center of expression, communication, authenticity, creativity, voice… so here is my question:

1. Communicate

Is there something you are not saying?

Is there something you are not admitting even to yourself?

Is there something you didn’t have a chance to express at the right time?

We decide to be quiet for variety of reasons, but remember every time we choose to be quiet about something important we give away a piece of our power. We give up on it!

I totally understand: speaking can get us into trouble. But it can also give us what we want, including depth of connection with others. You know when is the right time to communicate. And if you are not sure: listen to your intuition.

Interesting fact: this is also chakra of telepathy.  You may communicate on other levels, not only using your voice.

2. Journal.

What if you have a lot to say, but there is nobody to say it to?

Get a journal and listen to yourself. Be honest with yourself. Detox on paper. Dream on paper. Pour on it your regrets, hurts, feelings, disappointments. It is a healing tool, that helps us to understand ourselves and make new discoveries.  It can be a tool of reclaiming your voice.

3. Express

What if you see no need to talk more and you’ve got the journaling covered?

If you are one of the women who has blockages in the 5th chakra, perhaps there is something that has to be expressed thru arts. Creativity. Singing and dancing just to reconnect with the joy of it. Deep inside you know what you are craving. 

This is a chakra of voice – and because of this:  Empowerment,

This is a place of expression and because of this:  Authenticity.

This is a chakra of our expressive power. And living our Truth.

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