How to Ground And Center Yourself Fast [1st Chakra]

open book “wheels of life” – Anodea Judith

How do you know you are not grounded?

You can experience this on the level of body, mind or energy.

  • You may be unable to focus.
  • You may have too many unrelated thoughts running in your mind at the same time.
  • You may feel disoriented and distracted.
  • It may even feel like your body runs into things, hurting itself, without your participation.
  • You may feel self-conscious, or too “open” energetically, to the point you don’t feel safe.

There may be many other signs and usually you do know, you need to ground yourself.

There are many benefits in exploring longer grounding practices: for example physical exercises, meditation, body awareness visualizations, sound energy healing and Reiki. The fastest way I heard of was from my Reiki Teacher: tap your heart three times with your fingers.

Here I’m only going to share what you can use right this minute. 

How to ground yourself fast

  1. One Minutes grounding for the Mind (when in public) 
  • Sit straight, take in a couple of deep, SLOW inhales and exhales. Set an intention to center.
  • (if you are standing assume a centered, balanced position)
  • You may rub your arms as if you were warming them.
  • Put your hands, palms facing down on your laps.
  • Put your attention on your head and think “CENTERED.” Intend to center.
  • Move your attention down to your  belly… think “SAFE” or “SUPPORTED.” Move your attention to your feet and think  “GROUNDED” or “SAFE”  (whatever feel right)
  • Slow deep breath.

2. One Minute Grounding For The Body. 

This is something you probably will not want to use in a conference room. Unless everyone does it 🙂

  • Stand straight. Stomp in one place lifting your knees higher than normal walking.
  • Do it in a decisive way using your arms for balance.
  • After a moment start touching whatever knee is in the air with the opposite hand, right to left, left to right.
  • Go back to standing still, take a very slow, deep breath and cool down.

3. Grounding and Reconnecting (10 min) 

  1. Find a place where you can be alone.
  2. If you can sit down on the floor do that. Cross legged or kneel and sit on your heels.
  3. Take 3 deep, slow inhales and exhales, allowing yourself to pay close attention to the air flowing in through your nostrils in and out.
  4. With the third inhale drop your attention to the center of your belly, just below the navel. (if you don’t know what it means simply become aware of that part of your body)
  5. Invite the feeling of being grounded. Now you are probably more aware of your legs touching the floor. Feel the support of the surface below you,  the support of the earth. Feel the relationship of your body and the supporting surface.
  6. Take the feeling of being grounded and move it up to your head. Remember to take full inhales and exhales.
  7. If you experiences the distraction in your head, set an intention that the thoughts that didn’t belong to you find a way back to where they belong. Give it 10 sec. Send them away and fill that space with Light.
  8. If your mind was filled with worry set an intention that the worry is now transformed to Trust. Give it 10 sec.
  9. If you felt that some important things are running away,  set the intention that everything that truly belongs to you, your essence, now returns to your center, where it belongs.
  10. Thank the Earth for the support and thank the Sky for the Light.

This may be a great morning practice.

How to prevent the unpleasant feeling of being distracted and un-grounded?

Before you leave home in the morning sit and breath, even if only for one minute. Give it your full attention. You don’t need to call it “meditation” if you maintain that you can’t meditate.

If you need personal support in finding your way to center, schedule your Reiki or coaching session today. 

I wrote about Chakra 5th here. This chakra plays a big role in creating self esteem, in communication and expression