Morning Rituals Part 2: Exercise


squaw peak mountain preserve , phoenix “Healthy habits are hard to develop but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with” – Brian Tracy

Today’s short post is about EXERCISING, specifically for peeps who ARE NOT thrilled about it.

Again, the 6 elements of Morning Rituals are: meditation, exercise, visualization, affirmation, journaling, reading. I wrote earlier about meditation.

Why do we want to engage in morning routines? It helps to create a momentum for the day. It fuels positivity and improves attitude. Every positive habit makes other positive habits easier to develop.

What motivated me to commit to the “miracle mornings” – as Hal Elrod calls them – was the idea that “the way we live our days, is the way we live our lives.” 

I thought this is amusing: me. writing about… morning exercising?

For the longest time I wouldn’t hike or do yoga before 5pm. However our bodies learn to crave movement, and once  I started exercising in the morning, the satisfaction was instantaneous.

Drop the excuses. Here are the benefits of exercising we can’t argue with.

  • it increases our self esteem
  • it makes us happier because of the neurotransmitters released during exercising
  • helps us be more creative and think clearer,
  • it  makes us look better, feel stronger, be more flexible
  • it helps to produce more energy in our cells, and improves metabolism,
  • prevents cancer and other diseases,
  • improves bone density,
  • and have hundreds of benefit on every single part of our body,  
  • and it adds about 7 years to our lives

Clearly getting back to size 10, 8 or 6 cannot be the only motivation for us to get up and move!

Do you have to go to the gym? Nooooo…..

Weight training is great, but if you don’t like gyms don’t make it an excuse to not exercise at all. Ask your body what it would like to do. And would you enjoy? YouTube is filled with free and paid video programs and personal trainers or yoga teachers  can come to your home if you wish.

Just start. Get past 7, 14 days of doing it and you will not look back. Because “Healthy habits are hard to develop but easy to live with.”I feel that the morning rituals are a part of “the science of happy, wholehearted and fulfilled.”  

Now I’m not specializing in training the body, but if you have strong resistance to any type of movement, few sessions of coaching and subconscious work will help to motivate you and plan the adventure. I also offer Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions in Central Phoenix. 

To your health!
squaw peak mountain preserve , phoenix