A shift in perspective, helpful in any relationship.

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[One Action To Better Your Relationship Today]

We can see another person from many angles.

When we look at people from various perspectives it triggers various feelings. Some feelings have a lower and others have a higher vibe. None of them must be “true” but if thinking or looking at others must affect us, why not choose something positive, or at least close to neutral? Because – in the end – WE are the ones who are affected.

Here are my two words on adding more depth to any relationships. It deepens the bond in the closest ones, but works like a charm even with strangers.*

It’s the easiest to look at people from THE HUMAN PERSPECTIVE:

  • It is focused on what do we want them to do,
  • What “should” they think, say, what are our expectations;
  • We dance around their strengths and weaknesses, to match our own character,
  • We try to overlook some of their traits, or we are annoyed by them.

This perspective  can make us feel good or bad, and it affects how harmonious or not the relation is. However when we start to admire the other person’s qualities; courage, genius, heart, or just beauty – if we don’t know them, or when we are grateful for their presence in our life – we are closer to the other choice…

There is another perspective we can choose.

I will call it THE UNIVERSAL PERSPECTIVE, but you can call it a “Divine” one or anything, that brings to mind the Timeless.  The word doesn’t matter. When we look at the other person from the Universal perspective:

  • We look beyond the physical. Beyond the petty annoyances.
  • We see their potential, their gifts, what they could be.
  • We see them as multidimensional beings. With a particle of something eternal – which you can call “soul” if you choose. (If we really understood that we are greater than we choose to show,  how would it impact how we see ourselves?)
  • When we  choose to see the other person’s soul, it may cross our mind, that we met here and now only for a moment. We notice that they grace our life with their presence – because they are free to go anywhere, and they are here with us.
  • We could imagine that at some point we’ll meet where ALL is understood and all the motives and thoughts would be known to each other. What would this change?

So what happens when we change the perspective?

This subtle change can introduce more positivity and compassion where it matters most. None of the perspectives is ok on it’s own in the real world – when taken to the extreme one could get crazy and the other naive.

We find harmony when we see our divine and our earth part mixing together.


  • “Strangers” at least how I noticed it – are those that suffer from our harshest judgement because we don’t know their motives, or explanation for their, usually, unreasonable actions. As fast as a snap of fingers you can dismantle those negative bombs in your mind by applying this perspective, or – if you’re not willing to – at least neutralize your judgement – I checked it out!


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