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Need To Believe In Past Lives, To Have Regression Therapy? (and what ‘A Course In Miracles’ says about reincarnation)

For me the concept of past lives is very exciting. I love to listen to the memories of people who vividly remember things from the distant times – as it often happens with young children. Others, find in past lives the explanation of strong attraction or conflict with someone.  I am also always surprised with […]

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How Does Hypnosis Work

Effective tool for personal transformation For a long time hypnotherapy has been an effective way of making positive life changes.  Without side effects.   After their first session people often say, they have not been so deeply relaxed in ages… Each of us is in a state of hypnosis several times a day. (Think: highway hypnosis […]

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Hypnosis By Any Other Name

(I’m joining my two websites (PR and one dedicated only to hypnotherapy) so from now on please search here for articles on hypnosis, life coaching and how they can help. ) About 20 years ago a friend asked me, if I want to do visualization. I must have asked a question or two about what it […]

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